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"Purple is the abyss of lovelyness."

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Ultra, light-weight carbon fibre inspired Lamborghini style and metallic colors.

Love, love, love, love ... Get themes made with love, about love.

The iphone background section has been updated.

Play browser games in the new 80's themed arcade.

Abstractium theme collection added for Google Chrome.

New custom day and night-time themes featuring Mad Max's V8 Interceptor.  


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New Christmas Ho-ho-home themes for Google Chrome ...

See what I just got published in the web store.

Try something different and completely experimental.

Play games in your browser. These are free to play whenever you have a minute.

Browse backgrounds for almost any device.

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A quite usefull guide that's got you covered. Install or Remove any chrome theme.

A list of the best royalty free photo and image sites that you can start using right now.


Below I have compiled a very short list of the most asked questions that I get from you guys ... I have tried to answer them as accurately as I can, but I'm not perfekt ...