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chromethemer.com 1.4 is getting ready ...


... Please Bear With Me ...

I'm updating a few things ... Or if it's your first time here ... Welcome! Please try to be patient while I get everything perfect. In the mean time; See what's new here or visit the old chromethemer ...

Yeah. I know. Everything.

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About Me

Themes are my thing.

I started making my own themes for Chrome since since forever, but I only started publishing them to the web store in 2016. Over a million people use them everyday. I use them & you should too.

chromethemer logo

I don't really look like a purple Chrome logo.   I am editing my new profile picture in the new update too.   Please come back later should you want to see it.

chromethemer is very special site.   I care for it by the second & hope that you like everything that's new for you here.


Google Chrome

One browser in a billion.

This section is being updated right now. Working links may take you to the older, but relevant pages while I update this.
This section is also being updated at this very moment. Working links may take you to the older relevant pages while I update this.
Same story, but different. Working links will take you directly to the webstore for all extensions and games while I update this section of the new chromethemer.
All games that I host on chromethemer are free to play and don't contain any ads. Please consider donating any amount you can to help me pay for the data usage.

Your web browser is the internet you know.   You can change the way it looks with a click.   You can add extensions to it, play games in it or even try to take over the world with it.   Your browser is your world and you can change it.


Created with Love and Care.

You might not find a gazillion themes here, like you do in the web store, only 585 to be exact... But you may find something special that was created to make you happy forever.

I'm updating this right this second.

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