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Abstractium Vutnor Google Chrome Theme


Vutnor is the first theme in this new collection for the start of 2021.

As per usual I was searching for the most amazing artwork online and ended up on envato elements again. I found these stunning backgrounds and got an idea for this wierd but cool abstract collection of chrome themes.

As always I shall link to the sources and tools that I used for this project at the bottom of the page in the new "notes" section. There is also a nice surpirise for you if you make it to the end.

I hope you like these, they are wierdly different, but maybe thats a good thing and I had so much fun making them.


Abstractium Visperia Google Chrome Theme


I decided on creating diffrent tabs and toolbar sets for each theme in this collection instead of creating one set and just changing the colors, although some might seem slightly the same, they are all different. I would like to focus more on the tabs and toolbar appearance this year, so I am experimenting.


Abstractium Veda Google Chrome Theme


If you only try one theme in this collection, this is the one.

These are all full hd and sized, 1920 x 1080 px, but each one has a set resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) which is kinda high, but looks gorgeous.

So, they are all super optimized for high resolution monitors and screens, but will look amazingly brilliant on any Pc, Mac or Chromebook computer that you decide to use them on.


Abstractium Sykl Google Chrome Theme


Really vibrant color combinations is what got me liking this. Bright pinks, deep blue's, reds, green tones and the purple, offcoarse.


Abstractium Moshi Google Chrome Theme


These huge pink balls infront of the blue blurry radial styled background really looks amazing to me.

It's clean, colorful and vibrant enough to be part of this collection, and it has a special background tab pattern, that I want to incorporate into more themes in the future.


Abstractium Lantri Google Chrome Theme


Looking at Lantri for a while reminded me of some mountain range on a planet that we have yet to discover.

The purple hills made me fall in love with it and there is another one in development called siloa, that looks the same. It's more reddish. It's the same as this one, but it's got more, strawberry and raspbberry tones to it.


Abstractium Kyto Google Chrome Theme


Kyto was easy to create a custom toolbar and tab set for ... I had an old set laying around that I wanted to use for a suicide squad theme, but never got to it, So I used them for this theme with just a few small adjustments here and there.

It ended up looking fine to me but it might be to over the top for some.


Abstractium Freiti Google Chrome Theme


Freiti had so many colors doing so many things that it's scary. Although I was not scared when I saw it, I decided on the name Freiti for this shockingly, vibrantly, colored theme.

More coming soon ...

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Try every theme in this abstract collection to find the one that you like the best ... They are all completely new and experimental offcoarse.   Let me know which set you like the most and I'll try to create it in more colors.

play neon space invaders

Neon Space Invaders was recently added and you can check out the developer details in-game. You may want to give it a quick play-through, if you have a few minutes.  

Or, If you are really bored put this music track on loop by the prodigy then play the game. I spent a few hours doing this the other night and must say it's quite a bit of fun actually.

report   There might be an age restriction on the song, So please be aware of that though.

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