Merry Christmas ...

Decorate your browser this festive season.

Golden Christmas

Golden Christmas Google Chrome Theme

Updated to version 1.0

Add this Golden Christmas balls theme that's finished with a metallic gold toolbar and new-tab set to start off.    Let baubles decorate your browser in glitter and gold this Christmas.

Christmas for One

Christmas for One Google Chrome Theme

Updated to version 1.0

A greyish, silverish christmas style theme in high quality hd.

If you were looking for a minimal, yet different theme for Christmas this might do.

Glowy Christmas Trees

Glowy Christmas Trees Google Chrome Theme

Updated to version 1.0

A different, but dark blue 1920 x 1080 sized theme suitable for winter, Christmas or those dark, cold rainy days.

These frozen Christmas trees featured in this theme, are all surrounded by snow orbs in icy-blue coldness optimized for Chrome.

Blue Christmas Snow

Blue Christmas Snow Google Chrome Theme

Updated to version 1.0

Blue Christmas Snow is a frozen blue theme with falling snowflakes.

Frozen snowflakes fill your browser up on a dark blue background with custom toolbar and new-tab design.

Xmas Lights

Xmas Lights Google Chrome Theme

Updated to version 1.0

Colorful Christmas inspired lights at night with multi-color background tabs.

A dark twist on a otherwise very colorful Christmas theme for your browser. The tabs might change to appear more "light-like" in a future update.

Cartoon Santa Claus

Cartoon Santa Claus Google Chrome Theme

Updated to version 1.1

Cute and fun christmas style cartoon theme for any screen size.

Enjoy a cute cartoon style Santa theme for your browser. It comes with a green toned new-tab, toolbar design and will fit to any screen size.

Christmas Doodles

Christmas Doodles Google Chrome Theme

Updated to version 1.2

Cheerful, handrawn christmas doodles for any screen size.    Christmas style doodles in your browser with festive red and green colored toolbar and tabs.

Christmas Penguins

Christmas Penguins Google Chrome Theme

It's trending version 1.1

Cute and funny cartoon penguins that fit on any screen.

Beautifully drawn penguins fill your screen in absolute cheerfulness this holiday. The theme will fit any screen size and instantly add a burst of color to your browser.

Christmas Milkshake

Christmas Milkshake Google Chrome Theme

It's new version 1.0

Christmas, chocolate and pink. This theme fits any screen size.

Abstract Christmas ornaments, hand-drawn in milky pink and chocolaty colors.

Happy New Year!

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Wow!   This year kinda sucked but atleast it's almost over!

Happy New Year Google Theme for Chrome

With a brand new year, comes new opportunities ... New chances, choices and another twelve months untill next Christmas.

So, start your year fresh! with a new theme for your web browser and find something that you like.

I Wish you a very Merry Christmas from    Stay safe and Thank You for visiting my website.