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Only my best chrome themes get added to the web store where you can easily & safely download them all for free. No Joke.  New themes are added here, however only the best ones go public the rest are unlisted, but still free to download if you want them, but you will only be able to find them here as they do not appear in any search results.
Discover new themes & backgrounds right now. Update your Google Chrome browser with custom themes, backgrounds and extensions for free. Browse around chromethemer.com … All my themes are free to download and enjoy on your laptop or desktop devices that support Chrome.
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Lone Space
Lone Space Theme 4.67 60K
Blue Rose
Blue Rose Theme 4.44 79K
Lamborghini Veneno
Lamborghini Veneno Theme 4.36 40K
Greek Beach
Greek Beach Theme 4.15 147K
Turkey Theme 4.51 104K
Color Fusion
Color Fusion Theme 4.59 108K
Royal Purple
Royal Purple Theme new N/A
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy Theme new N/A
Rainbow Color Tabs
Rainbow Color Tabs Theme new N/A
Purple Supremo
Purple Supremo Theme new N/A
Magenta Theme new N/A
Highlight Yellow
Highlight Yellow Theme 3.75 208
Greener Green
Greener Green Theme new N/A
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