Discover and download the most amazing wallpapers for your Chromebook, Pc or laptop computer. You can now also edit any wallpaper that you download here with this free image editor.

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Multi Device

Find high quality backgrounds for almost any device.   Experiment with different sizes and resolutions on multiple screens.

wallpaper backgrounds by device

The old "phone wallpaper" section is being updated, but you can use these backgrounds here for iOs or Android phones.

Browser Themes

Using Chrome or FireFox? Consider adding a custom theme to your web browser. If you haven't tried one of my themes yet, maybe it's time you do.

google chrome themes

Creating Google Themes is one of my most favorite things to do in the world. So, You will find a nice, growing collection of themes on chromethemer everytime you visit.

All the themes that I create are free to get in the web store.

If you have never installed a theme before, know nothing about themes or if you are interested in adding one, but don't know how, you may want to read some frequently asked questions first or get all the support you can ask for right here.

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