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Wild Horses

Wild Horses Google Chrome Theme

Updated to version 1.1

Well, actually I changed it up completely, but it's still similiar somehow. This theme was originally inspired by that song from the Rolling Stones.

Also try horses if you like this.


Hacker Google Chrome Theme

Updated to version 1.2

Another recently updated theme. It's still dark enough and has that hacker/matrix-like feel to it, but ... I may still make it darker with a faded black gradient at a later time.

You may also like matrix decoded.

A few of you have asked me to add a legacy version of the original theme which I plan on doing.


Aurora Color Google Chrome Theme

It's trending version 1.1

WoW! Thank you to everyone that has downloaded this.

Each new tab matches to the colors of the Aurora, well ... it's supposed to. It took off real quick and most people seem to fall in love with it at first glance.

If you like this; Also try lofoten islands or nebula ...


Redline Google Chrome Theme

It's new version 1.0

I discovered this background on envato late one night and just had to theme Google with it. I tried to create the toolbar and tabs to be dark, and give it that lightsaber kinda feel.

An image of Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, slightly adjusted to fit somewhere into this theme, might look ... cool ...

Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold Google Chrome Theme

It's what it is version 1.0

Dip your browser in liquid gold ... This is truly an experimental theme and it may be changed as time goes by. There are a few more gold color themes around here somewhere...


Holographic, like Marty's hat in Back to the Future 2 - Google Chrome Theme

It's new version 1.0

Well, I tried my damn best to get this to look like Marty's hat in Back to the Future 2, but failed terribly. So, ended back up on envato again ...

It didn't turn out half bad in the end though and holographic is quickly becoming one of my most popular themes so far.

Dreamy Night

Dreamy Night Google Chrome Theme

It's new version 1.0

Another blue theme, but this one has mountains, fog, mystery and amazing blue-ness to it in high definition.

Get in on Purple

Shaded Purple just got published ...

So ... no screenshots have been uploaded yet, but I have decided to make this chromethemer's official new theme for Halloween 2020.

woops! That's my bat.

This theme was created specifically to match the new style I'm going for here on

If you like purple then You will fall in ❤ love with it.

Shaded Purple has the smoothest purple gradient and the vignette is just about as perfect as can be with all the purple-ness that you could ever ask for.

If you want to add it, get it here ... or just