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Creative & purely experimental extensions for Google Chrome (not to be taken too seriously) also available in the Web Store.


Chillzilla - Google Chrome Extension

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Chill out and relax yourself with hours of soul reviving chill out mixes, right in your web browser.

Whether your studying, chilling or just having a quiet moment to yourself, this extensions is the perfect mood setter, while you are on your pc, tv or phone. Listen to the best chillout tracks on YouTube.

Display Picture Creator

Cute Display Picture Creator - Google Chrome Extension

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Create the cutest display pictures for your profile.

You can create different profile pictures, from cute to not so cute , from beautiful to weird, from stylish to whatever you can imagine really.

With some editing and it is possible to make speech movements and facial expressions with the same characters.

Kitty Carousel

Kitty Carousel - Google Chrome Extension

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The Kitty Carousel browser extension; the sleepiest kittens with a lullaby sound track.

Use it as a quick screensaver when you are away from your browser or take a few minutes and chill while listening to the gentle lullaby track that comes with it

Piano Master

Piano Master - Google Chrome Extension

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Play and record your favorite piano tunes on a virtual electric piano.

You can change between 40 different sounds. Record what you play and easily save your tune in high quality mp3 file format with just a simple click.

Doodle Coloring

Doodle Coloring -  Google Chrome Extension

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Doodle Coloring is a HTML5 coloring game. Choose different cats to color in. You have a total of 24 different colors to choose from. Features included:

  • 24 Colors
  • 6 Funny Cats
  • It's Fun
  • Save It
  • Print It
  • Music ON/OFF
  • Start coloring 6 different doodle cats to get you started right now.


    Zenify - Google Chrome Extension

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    Zenify your mood and create an ambient relaxing atmosphere wherever you can open up a new tab in your browser.

    Select between 14 different mood enhancing audio tracks while you watch more than 40 ultra hd images of the most breathtaking aerial views of the world as it goes by.

    Enter Zenify whenever you are studying, or just taking a moment to chill and appreciate life for a few minutes everyday.

    Bonus Aurora slideshow added, better for night time usage.