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Unicorn of the Universe

Unicorn of the Universe - Browser Game

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Test your memory with the Unicorn of the Universe sticker themed; memory card game, right in your browser.

Select between 13 funky and cleverly themed versions, each one with it's own levels and challenges.

Add it to your browser or play it first.

Farty Flapper

Farty Flapper - Browser Game

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Flap and fart your way through the trees of the forest, right in your browser.

Get farting and flapping through the forest. Take a break and play a few rounds of Farty Flapper right in your browser.

Darts 2020

Darts 2020 - Browser Game

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Play darts against new ai bots or another person. 301 and 501 dart games to choose from.

You can change difficulty level, play it by yourself or with someone else. It's the full game so you can play infinite rounds.

Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter - Browser Game

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A cool zombie game in which you must kill all the zombies, direct hits and rebound trickshots count.

Share what you’re capable of by getting the highest score and destroying all the zombies in any given level of the game.

Gold Miner

Gold Miner - Browser Game

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Gold Miner is a puzzle game that you can play right in your browser with 20 levels to mine. This extension; creates a custom icon, that opens a link you can click on to play the full Gold Miner game anytime.

Your main goal is collect all sized gold nuggets and jewels in each level.

U.F.O. Down

U.F.O. Down - Browser Game

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Attack the UFO with a variety of weapons and score as many points as possible without missing it.

This extension; Creates a real-like UFO icon in your web browser, that opens a pop-up link to play this game, right in your browser.

It's a decent way of relieving some stress for a few minutes or so.