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Check this line-up of the top, fastest and rarest Lamborghini cars ready to add to your web browser ...

Made to Match

Each theme in this collection features a different toolbar and tab design that was especially made to match up with some of the most iconic Lamborghini colors and legendary designs.   

Ultra, light-weight carbon fibre inspired style and metallic colors make these themes look amazing on any screen.    As always I shall link to the sources and tools that I used for this project at the bottom of the page in the "new" notes section or wherever it makes the most sense.

Alston SC18

Lamborghini Alston SC18 Google Chrome Theme


Lamborghini is passionate about quality and impeccable design which oozes out of every model they have produced thus far.

Nothing says passion like a deep-bright red color that matches up so well with the dark carbon fibre technology used in these incredible machines.

SC20 - Aluminium

Lamborghini SC20 Google Chrome Theme


Though I am no car expert myself, I have watched enough sunday car shows to know that these vehicles where made to go fast.

Light-weight metals and carbon fibre composites are truly what stand out in modern day lamborghinis.   

SC20 - Roofless Blue

Lamborghini SC20 Roofless Google Chrome Theme


Built for speed and designed to look like they're going atleast 300mph when parked make these cars look amazing in almost any color.


Lamborghini Centenario Google Chrome Theme


The yellow accents on this specific Centenario model highlights the shape and design of the car in a subtle, yet noticable way.   Instead of the traditional black carbon fibre, a lighter version was used for the toolbar on this one.

Sián Roadster

Lamborghini Sián Roadster Google Chrome Theme


The almost chrome-like sheen of this roadster version of the Sián model makes it great to use as either a light or dark theme.    I dropped all the blue tones in the original image that you can find here and that's what makes the tail lights pop and glow ever so slighlty, but subtlety.


Lamborghini Sián Google Chrome Theme


A bit lighter than the traditional british racing green, this variation of the color is slighly more lime-ish with a lighter metallic finish to it.   The brass and steel toned rims also don't look half bad on this particular model.

Super Veloce Jota

Lamborghini SVJ Google Chrome Theme


The letters SVJ stand for 'Super Veloce Jota'.   This is a term used by Lamborghini.   The Super Veloce literally translates to 'superfast', and the 'Jota' designates the Aventador as a track performance standard car.

Matte Black

Matte Black Lamborghini Google Chrome Theme


This tab and toolbar set will match up perfectly with almost any dark or black background that you may want to use instead and will do well as a custom dark theme for Google Chrome.


Lamborghini Veneno Google Chrome Theme


Update in Progress ...

This theme featuring the Lamborghini Veneno was created a few years ago ... so I am thinking about updating this or maybe just creating a seperate version of it.  

More themes may be added to this collection in the future.   To get notified of new content that I manage to get published, please think about subscribing here or do visit this page again later.

Obviously there are a lot more to these cars other than color and the material used to craft them. You may want to read more about Lamborghini here and get more detailed info and specs about all the cars featured in this theme series.

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