6 Must Know Keyboard Hacks for iPhone Users

iPhones are great mobile devices,  aren't they?  Well, we can rather say that iPhones are not just mobile devices any more.   They have become an aristocratic statement for every user.

iPhone keyboard Tips & Tricks

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Where to Start?

Apart from a stunning appearance, iPhones come with a user-friendly interface and fast operating system, the infamous iOS.   

The development team over at Apple have stuffed their iPhones with various applications and features to keep it's users stick to the device all day long.

If an iPhone is your everyday communication device, then you have to use the inbuilt keyboard constantly. That’s a very common thought. Nothing new.

But, did you know that there is a 3D Touch gesture included on your iPhone keypad? Or, there is also a one-handed keyboard mode available within the Apple keyboard? No?

Well, there is no shame in that.    Most of the users out there using the latest versions of the iPhone device also do not know.    But, worry not, as that is what exactly we are going to discuss.   So, stay along.

6 Best Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Most of the users who buy this flagship mobile device from Apple do not know how to fully utilize the capability of the device.   Moreover, you can say they have no idea what these devices can do.

Well, if you face a hardware or software problem with your iPhone device, you can always search iPhone repair near me on Google, and go to the service center to fix the problem.   But, that’s not the thing, we are going to discuss here today.

Rather we will be giving you information regarding the recommendable features that the keyboard provided by iOS.    So, you can type your text more smartly and efficiently.

1.  Start Using Custom Fonts

Custom iPhone Fonts

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Every new iPhone comes with a default user interface font provided by the manufacturer. And, any content within the device will display the same font. That’s quite boring.

Let us give you the good news. Now, with the new iOS 13, you can download and install custom fonts packs on your iPhone device. All you need to do is go to the app store and download the custom font pack applications, then you are good to go.

Not only you can change the fonts of your texts, but you can also give your documents a touch of customization like vintage colors, modern and formal fonts, and many more.

2.  Unlock the 3D Touch Feature

Unlock the 3D touch feature on your iphone.

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Turn your Keyboard into a Trackpad.

You might have noticed that it is a bit difficult to move the cursor around the Apple keyboard. Sometimes, the keyboard feels too tightly spaced. Well, Apple has solved that problem too.

Now, the Apple keyboard comes with a 3D touch feature that turns your keyboard into a trackpad. You can easily use this feature anywhere on the keyboard.   

By this, you can smoothly hover the cursor around the keyboard. Moreover, you can also customize the touch sensitivity of the cursor — like, lighten your touch to move around or firmly touch to select the text.   

3.  Shake it To Undo it

Shake it to undo it.

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Yes, you read the subhead right. Wrote something on your keyboard you don’t want to send? Just shake the device, it will automatically undo all your typing. Now, that’s creative! This feature also works on copied, cut, or pasted texts.

Try Out this feature?

Go to General Settings, then Accessibility and select the option “Touch”.

Finally, select “Shake to Undo” and you are good to go.

4.  Create Shortcuts

Create shortcuts on your iphone.

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Everyday we use some common constant phrases with everyone, like “talk to you later” or “have a great day”.   The text predictions on the keyboard give us the word we look for during typing, but not a whole phrase. Well, it seems like now you can do that also.

On iOS, you can actually create short text replacements. It’s great right? Now, you don’t have to write the same phrase over and over.

Here is How it Works :

Suppose you are writing “talk to you later” to the person.   On the Apple keyboard, you can create a shortcut for “talk to you later” as “ttyl”.  

So, whenever you type “ttyl”, it will be automatically replaced with “talk to you later” on your chatbox.   Nicely done!

5.  Say Hello to One-Handed Mode

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This feature will be more helpful to the users who have bought the iPhone versions with larger display sizes. That means the “Max” models, but there are no limitations.

A user using an iPhone with a regular display size can also find this feature handy. The working process for this feature is very simple.

If you enable the one-handed mode feature, then the keyboard will shrink to a smaller size which will give you the comfort to type your text single-handedly. Here is how to enable this feature:

  • Open the keyboard.
  • Long press on the Globe icon.
  • Select the right mode or the left mode
  • Enable the one-handed mode.

  • It’s that easy. Go on, try it.

    6.  Use Custom Emoticons

    Use emoticons on your iphone.

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    We all love to use emoticons while chatting. It’s like giving a facial expression along with your text digitally. But, while texting on the iMessage application most people don’t know that they can use different emoticons there too.

    You also didn’t know that? That’s why your texts were so boring! Here’s how you can find the smiley faces shortcut on your keyboard:

  • Open the keyboard.
  • Go to the bottom left corner.
  • Tap and hold the keyboard icon

  • This will expand into other options.   From here you can select the smiley face keyboard and insert emoticons within your texts.   You will also get the option to select between other keyboards from the drawer.

    This feature will also save you a trip to the settings applications to change the keyboard options.   Moreover, you can also add new keyboards, and they will all display within this drawer.

      Change the Background

    ultra hd iphone wallpaper backgrounds.

    uhd iphone backgrounds

    You can aslo just as easily change the wallpaper background on practically any iPhone model.   There is a rather extensive collection of high quality iPhone backgrounds right here on chromethemer.com that you can download and save to your device.

    Sites like zedge and pinterest are also a great source if you are looking for custom hd wallpapers.

    Finally ...

    Just as discussed above iPhones are a series of flagship mobile devices manufactured by Apple.Inc.

    iPhones are not just any mobile devices that are produced in a factory, rather they possess a brand value. These devices offer a lot of things that most users don’t know, just like the one that we have mentioned above.   

    The best part is the number of hidden features increases with every operating system update. Apple has a tendency to constantly surprise its users with new features and updates. Keyboard tips and tricks always come in handy for every iPhone user or rather you can say for every mobile device user.

    What are you waiting for then? Just go ahead and try out these six best keyboard tricks and make your life a little bit easier.

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