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Easily learn how to change background on your chromebook by simply following these easy-to-do instructions in this free official video by google chrome...

How To Change Background On Chromebook Full Review...


Change Background On Chromebook Video...

Easily learn how to change background on Chromebook in just a few simple steps. To do this well... firstly you will definitely need access to the said Chromebook to start off... That's the most difficult part of this exercise...Getting your hands on a Chromebook... lol... Setting a new background on your Chromebook is so simple and easy to do... you can easily watch the video above by Google that fully explains the whole process. It's really so simple...or  For a more detailed tutorial please continue reading... TomsGuide.com also has a great article about how to change your Chromebook background.
Today I'm going to show you how to change the background on your Chromebook using any picture you want to. So the first thing that you're going to want to do is get an image that you can use for your new background or wallpaper.
Change ChromeBook Background

On Your ChromeBook...

On your original desktop take two fingers and you tap your mouse pad that's the Chromebook version of a right-click, OR...You can click your account icon in the bottom right corner & select "settings".

So once you do that you can set any image as your background as this will be one of your options.

Click "
Set Wallpaper" under Appearance

The Chromebook already has preloaded images which you can choose but if you go to "custom tab" that's where you can add something from your own files.  You can select any of the existing images by clicking its respective thumbnail or you can add your own background image.

Or... in this case Choose Your Own Image by Clicking the "
Custom tab"

So now you are going to click  "
Choose File" to select the desired image from the files saved that you already have on your Chromebook. Pick the image file you want as your new Chromebook background and click "Open"

You can now choose how you want to see it on the screen, either center cropped center or you can stretch it if that's what you like. Once you find out your personal preferences for the image on your screen you can exit out and now you have a new background.

Adding a new background on your chromebook can make it look fresh and new again. I reccomend trying out lots of different backgrounds before you settle on your favorite one.
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